Ohio lawmaker wants property tax break for homeschool families

Published: Jul. 17, 2013 at 4:29 AM EDT
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(FOX19) - Ohio Senate Bill No. 127 is designed to give families homeschooling their children a break and keep some money in their pockets.

"Having that extra money would have really, definitely.  It would have helped pay for classes.  It would have helped for books, or curriculum, if I wanted to follow that," said Merridith Curry, who was homeschooled.

She is now 26-years old and was homeschooled by her mother.

They both see the proposed tax cut as a good option for families, but admit the possibility for more government oversight into homeschooling isn't an attractive trade-off.

"I'd like to see that there are options.  Again, I'd like to see more options.  I don't want more interference," said Norma Curry, who homeschooled her daughter.

For that very reason, a Forest Park family homeschooling their two young children don't support the idea at all.

"If the government is offering us those proposed tax breaks, what are they going to want from us in return?  Are they going to infringe on our freedom to educate our children the way we would like to educate them," said Alicia Elam, who is president of the Southern Ohio Homeschool Organization.

For one woman who sent her children to private schools, they paid tuition and property taxes to public schools like everyone else.

"I chose to send my children to a private institution, and never gave it a thought that I should get some sort of discount because I'm not utilizing those funds," said Carleen Muelle, who sent her children to private schools.

Another woman chose to put her children through the public school system for their education in the Finneytown area.  She says it's a choice to homeschool.

"It wouldn't be fair.  We all pay taxes, and we all have the right to a free public education.  Why should their taxes be cut," said Jo Morgan, whose children went to public schools.

To see the entire proposed bill, visit: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=130_SB_127

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