LumenoCity brings in more than 15K spectators

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The world's first visual effect and live concert show took over Cincinnati this weekend with more than 15,000 attendees for both days.

LumenoCity, a combination of live sounds and lights, took place at Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine. Different genres were represented in the show including Film, Broadway, Americana, and Classical music.

The show was so popular on Saturday, August 3, that some spectators decided to attend again on Sunday, August 4.

"We love the symphony, we love the opera and this idea is just so cool. We loved it last night and decided to comeback again tonight," said Dan Teepen.

Nancy Douglas, another LumenoCity lover, agreed.

"I was here last night and it was just so beautiful. The music was incredible, the atmosphere was great, the graphics were wonderful. I was a great photo op," says Douglas.

The amount of people that attended LumenoCity for both days was more than what coordinators anticipated.

"I've never been more personally moved by seeing the reaction of the crowd. There's a moment in the show where we, sort of, there's a couple of surprises and first of all I couldn't believe the crowd, the amount of people almost triple what we had expected," said Steve McGowan, Executive Creative Coordinator.

The excitement of the lights and music may have brought delight to spectators, but the work behind-the-scenes is very complex.

Dan Reynolds, Creative Director of Landor, which produced LumenoCity says the visual effects are called Architectural Projection Mapping, a method that is a "hyper accurate" way of projecting imagery on a facade.

According to Reynolds, LumenoCity is visual wizardry involving ten projectors and a lot of coordination.

"We get very detailed with what we're hitting and how we compose the artwork and the motion graphics that will be shown up there," said Reynolds.

Reynolds also believes that LumenoCity is a world's first because most live orchestras are done to a set sound track for animation to follow.

LumenoCity is different.

"This [LumenoCity] is more akin to a fireworks show in that we think we know where the music's going, we have a good idea of it, but it's not an exact science," said Reynolds.

The popularity of the concept has allowed an opportunity for the show to travel overseas, according to Trey Devey, Cincinnati Orchestra president.

"We take the orchestra to overseas to Europe to Japan. The complexity of this project is on that level. So many people are involved. It's highly technical so it's a grand adventure. It's a big experiment," said Devey.

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