Prosecutor to review Forest Park road rage incident

Published: Aug. 6, 2013 at 4:12 AM EDT|Updated: Aug. 6, 2013 at 4:56 AM EDT
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Police at the scene of the incident back in June.
Police at the scene of the incident back in June.

FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19) - A man pulled a gun during a road rage incident in Forest Park and opened fire. It happened in June on the westbound I-275 ramp to Winton Road.

26-year-old Ryan Grissom was shot in both legs multiple times. Now, his family wants answers from police.

Grissom's mother says her son was trying to get away from a man shooting at him during the incident. However, police say the shooter, Edward Furr, was supposedly acting in self-defense. 

"The investigation revealed that a road rage incident had turned bad. One individual was shot multiple times," said Gary Terrell, captain of the Forest Park Police Department.

Police say Furr had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but the victim's mother says that doesn't give someone a license to open fire.

"Just because you have a permit to carry a gun, a concealed weapon, does not give you the right to gun someone down and shoot them," said Grissom's mother Patricia Dorsey.

Police say the allegations are that Grissom approached the shooter with a knife, who also confirmed to FOX19 he was carrying a knife during the incident.

"I said, 'There's nothing in my hand, but I do have a pocket knife.  I reach in my pocket and pulled out a pocket knife and showed him, closed," said Grissom.

The victim and his family say Furr continued to pursue Grissom after opening fire, continuing to shoot. Grissom says his brother and a third passenger were also with him during the incident. His brother suffered injuries are being hit with some shrapnel.

Now, it's not just the alleged actions of the shooter but some responding officers that brought Patricia Dorsey to Monday night's city council meeting in Forest Park.

"They were very unprofessional. They didn't even care about the victim. They were more concerned with, I don't know what. They didn't do anything for my son to protect my son. I was mistreated," Dorsey told FOX19.

A council member asked for some sort of investigation into Dorsey's claims of mistreatment at the meeting on Monday.

Captain Terrell had no further comment about the claims that were made.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the case and say they expect to hear back in about a week with a course of action that could lead to arrests.

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