Paralysis may be in Ft. Thomas shooting victim's future

Paralysis may be in Ft. Thomas shooting victim's future
Alisha Waters - Photo courtesy of Facebook
Alisha Waters - Photo courtesy of Facebook

FT THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - The suspected gunman is dead and his soon to be ex-wife is facing paralysis after an attempted murder-suicide last week in Ft. Thomas.

It happened just after 8:00 a.m. at a medical office building at 20 Grand Avenue in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.

Police report that the suspect showed up to the medical office building, located at 20 Grand Avenue, around 8:00 a.m.

"Witnesses are saying that [the shooter] parked around another office complex, ran after [the victim] and chased her into the building," said Ft. Thomas Police Lieutenant Rich Whitford. "That's where he caught up with her and shot her multiple times."

The victim was Alisha Waters, 31.

Police say that Waters, who works on the third floor of the office building as a receptionist for Personal-Touch Home Care, was attempting to get into the elevator when she was shot five times.

According to Waters' family, she was shot once in the neck, once in the leg and three times in the abdomen.

After shooting Waters, police say the shooter turned the gun on himself and died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Although she was barely conscious, police say Waters was able to identify the shooter as her estranged husband, Dennis Joseph Mathis, II.

Quick reaction is what saved her life. Her family tells FOX19 had the Ft. Thomas cop first on the scene not noticed she still was alive, who initially thought she was dead, EMS personnel say Alisha would have not survived.

Waters was taken to UC Medical Center for surgery immediately after the shooting where she remains in critical condition. Waters' family says the stomach bullet wounds she received were life-threatening.

Police say this was a domestic violence incident. Kenton County court records show that Dennis Mathis, II, filed for divorce from Waters on April 22, 2013.

A few days before that, on April 16, 2013, Waters, known at that time as Alisha Mathis, asked for a restraining order against Mathis. In the petition, Alisha Mathis said that Dennis was excessively calling and texting her. In the handwritten petition, Alisha stated she was worried Dennis might be following her.

Judge Lisa Bushelman dismissed that petition after review on April 22, due to "no allegations of domestic violence."

Read our investigation into those court documents here:

According to Waters' family, she always had a co-worker meet her in the parking lot; that co-worker was sick the day of the shooting.

Those who work in the building described hearing gunshots and then shouts that a gunman was in the building.

"They were terrified. They had no idea. No one knew where the shooter was or where the shots were coming from," explained Terry Carpenter, an administrator for Personal-Touch Home Care.

Following the shooting, Waters' co-workers were taken to the Fort Thomas Police Department to meet with investigators.

On Friday, a Ft. Thomas Police Department spokesperson said the investigation had been closed.

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