Neighbor shoots pit bull after dog fight

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Police say a West Chester man shot and killed the pit bull of a neighbor after the person walking the pit bull lost control of the animal on Saturday afternoon.

A source confirms that a person walked a pit bull on 4th Street with a retractable leash lost control of the dog when it approached a neighbor's front yard. The neighbor was in his yard with his beagle and the two dogs began to fight.

The owner of the beagle was able to separate the dogs and took the beagle inside his home. The pit bull became uncooperative with person who walked him and the owner returned outside with a gun and shot the pit bull.

The beagle was taken to an animal hospital after sustaining injuries from the dog fight.

Police say that the person walking the pit bull was not the owner. The owner (and possibly the person walking the pit bull) could face a charge of failure to confine.

Initially, the incident was set to be turned over to the Butler County Dog Warden for investigation but West Chester officials have instead decided to give the case to police to review further.

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