FOX19 Investigates: Indicted officer's NFL career & prior arrest

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Indicted police officer Darrell Beavers, a 44-year-old who grew-up in Louisville, once hoped to star in the NFL and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1991. But an arrest prior to the draft dinged his reputation and was likely among the issues that led him to being picked in the 12th Round, FOX19 has learned.

We obtained his personnel file from Cincinnati Police. In it, Beavers wrote that he was released from the Eagles in July 1992. That led FOX19 to discover a Philadelphia Daily News article from 1991 in which Beavers and his then-agent spoke of their disappointment over Beavers being selected so late in the draft.

"A lot of people, including myself, thought I deserved better than I got," Beavers told the paper at the time. "But the important thing is that what I've got now is an opportunity to show people what I do have."

The reporter revealed Beavers had pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal trespassing just a couple of months before the article was written. Police in Morehead, Kentucky, had originally arrested Beavers on a charge of stealing a woman's stereo. However, according to the newspaper, someone else's fingerprints were on it, which led to the plea deal. In the article, Beavers does admit being on the woman's property.

"It was a no-win situation," Beavers told the paper. "I pleaded guilty (to trespassing) because the woman who had the CD player stolen testified that she saw me outside her trailer. And I was walking through the lady's yard, but she didn't even accuse me or charge me. The city (Morehead, Ky., police) did."

Details of Beavers' time in the NFL are hard to come by. His NFL profile contains no career stats. But what's clear is that he only stayed on the Eagles' roster for 15 months. He then went to play football in Ontario, Canada, for two years.

The indictment against Beavers is a surprise, given the glowing reviews from his superiors as recently as August.

"It has been my experience while driving in Lower Price Hill to have citizens ask where is Officer Beavers. He has endeared himself to the community. He is an asset to District Three and the Neighborhood Liaison Unit," wrote Lt. Joe Richardson in Beavers' annual performance report.

Lt. Col. James Whalen tells FOX19 he was not aware of Beavers' prior arrest. He does not know if leaders of the Cincinnati Police Department in 2001 knew about it when they hired him.

Everything was going so well with Beavers' law enforcement career --- or seemed to be --- that in Whalen's voice there's a downbeat tone.

"He's been a generally good employee," said Whalen, "which adds to the disappointment that we're feeling right now."

FOX19 e-mailed Beavers today but did not hear back. His attorney is scheduled to speak to FOX19 this evening.