50 pounds of dynamite found in Loveland basement, 13 homes evacuated

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Police say that up to 50 pounds of dynamite has been found in the basement of a Deerfield Township home.

Fire crews were called to the 9700 block of Columbia Road around 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities say that crews were initially dispatched after receiving reports of an illegal open burn in the area. Crews arriving on the scene were greeted by the homeowner who said he had already extinguished the fire.

However, the homeowner did have a question for the firefighters: How to get rid of dynamite.

"There was roughly 50 pounds of dynamite in the basement leftover from the gentleman who owned the home before," explains Doug Wehmeyer, Battalion Chief with the Deerfield Township Fire Department. "That guy owned some farm property where he used the dynamite to blow up stumps in the yard. He passed about 15 years ago and this gentleman was cleaning the property up."

Thirteen neighboring homes were evacuated as crews ridded the home of the explosives. Homes on the neighboring streets of Woodlake Court, Halls Point Court and Walnut Grove Drive were evacuated

Authorities say that a hole was dug in the house's backyard with a backhoe where explosive experts will burn the dynamite.

"We've called the Cincinnati Fire Department Bomb Squad in," explains Wehmeyer. "They have removed the dynamite from the basement, brought it outside and soaked the dynamite in diesel fuel where we are burning it in a hole that we dug with the assistance of our public works crew in the side yard."

Wehmeyer states that the dynamite was considered too unstable by the bomb squad to be moved to another location.

Authorities say that no charges are expected at this time.

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