Historic Covington landmark on its way out

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A historic riverfront landmark in Northern Kentucky is on its way out.

The boat housing the Mike Fink Restaurant is moving after negotiations with the city of Covington. The restaurant closed in 2008 for upgrades, and has been closed ever since.

"The Mike Fink has been a part of my family since the mid-70s," said Brad Bernstein, one of the Mike Fink owners.

The restaurant closed in 2008 for repairs to the hull.

"We've been meeting with Brad Bernstein and with Jimmy Bernstein trying to come up with a plan, but there wasn't really sure if coming back as the original Mike Fink's was the right thing to do," said Covington mayor, Sherry Carran.

City officials say they've reached an agreement to move the boat until a more solid plan for its future is in place.

"There's starting to be a movement to either say, "We need plans put in place to redevelop the Mike Fink, or it needs to be moved to a different location while it's being renovated," Bernstein told FOX19.

Owners say they want the boat to stay in Covington, and they're taking ideas to restore the Mike Fink to its prominence. But, they've poured in more than $600,000 to replace the hull and give it a fresh coat of paint last year.

Neighbors like having the boat at their front door, but not in this condition.

"The neighborhood has tried to keep it here.  We've been supportive. But, it's been five long years," said Marc Hult of the Licking Riverside Civic Association.

Bernstein says just last year there were plans in place to get the project moving again, but those fell through.

For now, the boat will move to BB Riverboats. Bernstein is confident they'll be able to restore it.

As for Covington, they have plans to redo the riverfront area and hope the Mike Fink can be part of it.

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