Covington pushes for change following teen's murder

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Joseph Ingram says he will never forget the scene outside of his Covington home on Sunday evening.

"Heard the gun shots. Ran over there. Grabbed him. Asked him if you're here, squeeze my hand. I heard him take his last breath," Joseph Ingram said.

Ingram says watching Dasean Peterson take his final breath changed him. Now he wants to change things in Covington by getting teens off of the streets.

"Around here in the community, there's nothing for them to do so that's what we need, " Ingram said.

Ingram wants to open up his building, which is just a few steps from where he watched Peterson die to Covington teens with nowhere to go.

"I'm going to try to hold something here to where I am going to try to get all of the young kids in the community and just try to get them in here and talk to them," Ingram said.

A man who mentors Covington teens through the "Young Life" program, doesn't want his identity shared, but he also believes the community needs to invest more in the lives of teens.

"We build relationships with them and mostly just preaching the word of God to them," the man said.  He says he feels that interaction is more crucial now than ever.

FOX19's Amy Wagner asked him, "Do you feel this was gang-related?"  He responded, "Yes. Yes it was gang-related over dumb stuff that has absolutely no major importance in life."

And that's what Ingram hopes to do.  He wants to show teens what is important in life, before another one is lost.

"I'll never forget that," Ingram said.

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