Neighbors outraged over huge pile of junk

BLUE ASH, OH (FOX19) - A pile of junk outside a home in Blue Ash is causing quite the stir.

According to city officials, the owner of the home evicted the renters and then put all of their stuff on the curb. It's located on Kenwood road near the intersection of Pfeiffer Road.

"Stuff is scattered all over. I've still got garbage flying down the street," said neighbor Bonnie Hauff.

"I think it's kind of gross, I'm not going to lie. I mean, I don't know why you should just throw out your stuff on the streets," added Jimmie Whitaker.

That's what some neighbors think of the mountain on the street, and some people can't even take their eyes off of it. In fact, Hauff says it's become a bit of a nuisance because she lives right next door.

"There were traffic backups, people are taking pictures. They're swinging in the yard to see what they can find and a lot of strangers roaming around," said Hauff.

She says the biggest problem is the random people digging through the pile like it's a treasure hunt, and they're using her property as a parking lot.

"I blocked my driveway because earlier they had been coming into the driveway and cutting across the grass to get a better parking spot," Hauff explained.

The city and homeowner are working closely and say the delay in the cleanup is because they're giving the tenant time to get his or her belongings, but many feel it's taking too long.

"Something like this doesn't happen in this neighborhood," Hauff added.

FOX19 spoke with the landlord, and he didn't expand on what led to the eviction and the mess, but says everything will be cleaned up this weekend.

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