UC Medical Center sports mustache for Movember

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The University of Cincinnati Medical Center is growing a mustache.

You heard right, a building is growing a mustache. As part of the center's prostate health awareness effort, UCMC will sport a 40-foot mustache on the building's front tower.

For many men, the month of November is an opportunity to grow a bit of stubble above their lip. Movember is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches throughout the month to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

"Movember started for men's health – mustaches for prostate cancer awareness," explains Doctor Sadha Vermam, a radiologist at UC Health. "This is primarily to increase awareness of prostate health."

Doctor Vermam says that prostate cancer is very curable if caught in time. Movember is just a fun way to raise awareness for a disease that affects many.

"Going to regular checkups with your doctor and getting your clinical history is very important," explains Vermam, "especially for men who have a history with prostate cancer or men with an African American background need to get this checked."

As part of UCMC's effort to raise awareness for prostate health, the building will wear a mustache throughout November. The University is also encouraging students to sport a mustache, be it real or fake, as UC's basketball team takes on NC State on Tuesday at Fifth Third Arena.

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