UC Health performs region's first outpatient bone marrow transplant

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - UC Health's Bone Marrow Transplant Center performed their first outpatient bone marrow transplant on Wednesday.

Dr. Elias Anaissie, the Medical Director at the center, has been a pioneer in this outpatient bone marrow transplant for 17 years. He has recently brought his expertise to this region.

"The procedure we are seeing is basically an infusion of the patient's own stem cells," explains Anaissie. "The reason we are doing this is to treat his Myeloma. We need to get super therapeutic doses of chemotherapy, super high doses. "

"If we did not have a rescue of his bone marrow with his own cells, patients will go on for eight or nine weeks without white cells, red cells or platelets which put them at a very high risk for complications," says Anaissie. "So by putting these things back in, they will engrave on his bone marrow and start making these cells at a much faster rate and an earlier rate as well."

Patients have come from as far as London, England for the treatment.

The patient who shared his story was told by an insurance company that this life saving treatment would only be covered if they were treated at a facility that had received accreditation by FACT.

FACT is an internationally-recognized accrediting body for hospitals and medical institutions offering stem cell transplant, and indicates the accredited institution has met the most rigorous standards in every aspect of stem cell therapy. This covers the entire spectrum of stem cell therapy, from clinical care to donor management, cell collection, processing, storage, transportation, administration, and cell release.

Conventional treatment has one receiving treatment as an inpatient in the hospital for a few weeks.

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