Dash cams shutting down on cruisers across Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police say the dash cams in many of their cruisers doesn't always work.

The most recent, notable incident happened on Saturday when the system shut down just before the cruiser hit a pedestrian in OTR.

Many people, including police, say this video is crucial when it comes to different crimes and accidents. Without it, putting the pieces together of what actually happened can be a lot harder.

"Often times with heavy breaking bumps in the road, heavy acceleration, the camera system is somehow disrupted," says Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

On Monday Chief Jeffrey Blackwell talked about Saturday's accident when a police cruiser struck a pedestrian. Now they're trying to look back at the tape and any other resources to answer questions as to why it happened.

"We do apologize up front for the fact that we had a technical malfunction that on its face would appear as if there was something more to this," says Blackwell.

"It just seems really strange why would it go out, it's like an opportune moment for it to go out," says Aileen Crass.

Aileen Crass says she doesn't understand why the city doesn't upgrade this technology.

"It's good for the safety of the police and for the residents. It's everybody's safety to know what happened," explains Crass.

Another similar breakdown in the system happened during an officer involved fatal shooting a little more than a year ago. The system worked earlier in the night, but turned off briefly during the altercation. Police say these malfunctions are frustrating, but it all comes down to the budget.

Police say they have about 200 police cruisers and it can cost roughly $2,000 or more to upgrade the technology in each car.

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