Fairfield teacher will challenge discipline for remark

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19/AP) - A southwest Ohio teacher says he is challenging allegations that he told a black student who said he wanted to become president that the nation doesn't need another black president.

A Fairfield Freshman school teacher has been suspended without pay for alleged racial remarks he made to a black student. Science teacher Gil Voigt reportedly responded to a student who said he wanted to be president by saying that our country does not need another black president.

"It's not something we're going to tolerate," said Fairfield school board member Don Nuss, who voted with the board to suspend Voigt and to recommend his termination.

The board made the decision after reviewing a report on the incident that was prepared by Roger Martin, the Fairfield Schools assistant superintendent.

"Our district will not tolerate any employee who belittles or degrades any student in a racially or otherwise insensitive or offensive manner," said an official statement from Fairfield City Schools. 

Voigt told school officials he was misquoted. He says he commented that the country couldn't afford another president like Barack Obama, but that skin color had nothing to do with his observation to the student who wants to be president. Voigt is white.

School officials say a hearing date will be set before a labor mediation referee.

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