Teens strive to bring skate park to Northern Kentucky

ALEXANDRIA, KY (FOX19) - Some local teens are working hard to bring a skate park to Northern Kentucky.

The teens are even meeting with some local leaders. This project started nearly three years ago, and after a bit of a struggle, the group of guys is determined to bring a skate park to Alexandria, Kentucky.

"It's not really a hobby, it's really a lifestyle every day all day," says Chris Mardis.

Over the years, Rex Herald and Chris Mardis say they're sick and tired of the scrutiny they get for just trying to have fun.

"We just don't like having to always worry about someone running us out wherever we're at. Just being able to go somewhere and have a good time," explains Rex Herald.

"We just thought there had to be a change for Alexandria," adds Mardis.

Some businesses have complained to police when skaters trespass on their parking lot.

"They could intimidate customers, or they could fall and get hurt, or do some property damage," explains Alexandria Mayor Bill Rachford.

Mayor Rachford says challenges they face include not owning enough available property for a skate park along with the financial commitment.

"You only have a limited amount of dollars to spend and would that be the most prudent use?"  asks Rachford.

The goal for these guys is simple. If the city won't pitch in, they have to raise $10 thousand and find a location that might be suitable. They say a skate park is much better than a boring parking lot.

"There's things to do there, you can challenge yourself. It's just a good environment you can learn things," explains Herald.

Mardis says there's even a safety concern. One time they were walking by the highway near one of their favorite spots to skate and a car hit Mardis.

"If we had a skate park, we would probably be at the skate park instead of crossing the highway," says Mardis.

Rachford says he admires the persistence and enthusiasm shown by these boys and he's hopeful it works out in the end.

"If they can find a business owner that's interested in setting this up as a business venture, I think that would be perfect," explains Rachford.

"We've came this far, we can't give up now," says Mardis.

There are a few skate parks in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area, but Mardis says they're closest option that they have to go to now is in Florence.

The boys plan to give a presentation about their goals for this project at the Alexandria city council meeting on Thursday.

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