Ohio woman legally changes her name to "Sexy"

(FOX19) - A central Ohio woman who loathed being named Sheila and wanted a moniker that reflects her personality has legally changed her first name to Sexy.

A Licking County judge on Tuesday approved the request from the 41-year-old Pataskala woman formerly named Sheila Ranea Crabtree.

Ranea Crabtree of Pataskala, Ohio refuses to use the name her parents gave her - Sheila.

"It's just one of those names that I can't stand. I hate the fact that I have been cursed with it," explains Crabtree. "My mom gave me my middle name of Ranea and my dad gave me my ugly name."

Crabtree says she has been thinking about changing her name for quite some time. She finally decided to make it official this year.

But why did she choose the name Sexy? Crabtree says the name fits her personality.

"I do wear allot of Victoria's Secret clothes and my husband calls me sexy all the time," explains Crabtree. "I really want to do Sexy because it's kinda' like my personality. I just love to be adventurous, have fun and do all kinds of things."

The Columbus Dispatch reports (http://bit.ly/1aRXCE1 ) that Crabtree told a judge that her husband and teenage daughters approve of the change. When the judge asked why she chose Sexy, Crabtree said she's fun and free-spirited and thought the change would make her complete.

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