FOX19 Investigates: The Queen City's most dangerous intersections

FOX19 Investigates: The Queen City's most dangerous intersections
Published: Feb. 13, 2014 at 4:24 AM EST
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - What are the most dangerous intersections in the Queen City in 2013?

FOX19 obtained the dubious list from Cincinnati Police Department (CPD).

The fifth most dangerous intersection is Colerain Avenue and West North Bend Road with 60 accidents.

Another accident prone spot in District Five is Spring Grove Avenue and Winton Road with 63 crashes.

"These intersection accidents are usually someone trying to beat the light or someone trying to get through the intersection and the car in front stops and they rear end the car," said Lt. Bruce Hoffbauer with CPD.

Moving to District Two, Hoffbauer says the area where Madison Road meets the Red Bank Expressway falls in at no. 3 with 68 accidents.

Hoffbauer says in the last 8-10 years, all these intersections are landing in the top 10 in crashes. To help, Hoffbauer says they try to position more officers in these areas.

"Something so simple as an officer doing a report or paperwork close to the intersection so that the people coming through see a police cruiser and just sometimes, the sight makes them slow down and behave themselves a bit," said Hoffbauer.

The only intersection in the top five in District 3 is Harrison Avenue and Queen City Avenue, where police responded to 70 accidents.

"People are just sometimes a little impatient to where they are trying to get to," said Linda Reed, who works near that intersection.

But FOX19 found that nothing in the city compares to Clifton Avenue and Martin Luther King,Jr. Drive with 82 crashes. Many say it's because of the traffic going to and from the hospital and the University of Cincinnati.

"During the peak hours, it's insanely bad," said Chance Carr, who lives near intersection.

Carr said he can hear horns from his place all the time and said as a pedestrian, he too has to be extra careful.

"I definitely wait until it says, 'Walk' and then look and then make sure people aren't just zooming through the red light," said Carr.

But the leading crash intersections are East Liberty Avenue and Reading Road in District One, and Burnet Avenue and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in District Four.

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