Trash dumping becoming major issue for Cincinnati neighborhoods

WEST PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - Illegal trash dumping is leaving a mess for residents in one Cincinnati neighborhood.

Residents along Sunset Lane in West Price Hill say it's been a problem for three years now, and it's only getting worse.

"One person sees it, it becomes everybody's garbage can," said Sandy Howard.

Howard, who lives along Sunset Lane, says she's seen it all along this road.

"Couches, mattresses - one day there was like twenty garbage bags that looked like somebody remodeled a room, there was a box with carpet pieces," said Howard.

She thinks there's even drug use because sometimes there's needles lying around. Howard says it's simply unsafe for pedestrians and drivers.

"One day there were eight to ten mattresses in the road. I was walking my dogs and a bus came up the street. With my dogs I pulled two mattresses over to the side to let the bus go through," said Howard.

There's are signs that say "no dumping" and "this area is under surveillance," but there's no camera to be found.

Howard says her response from the city was it's "too expensive to put a camera up and maintain it."

But the Public Works Department says the most important thing to do with illegal dumping is to notify them immediately. Howard and her neighbors call all the time, and she says their response time is simply inconsistent.

"It's been three weeks, it's been months. One time they called and they came that same day," said Howard.

Howard says when she calls the city, they say it is up to her to watch the area and see who is dumping, then they can do something. However, she says they don't have that kind of time.

"You give me a badge and a paycheck, I'll come up here and I'll catch them," said Howard.

The city did change their rule on how much they'll pick up at one time, limiting it to one can per resident. Howard believes that's a big reason why the illegal dumping is so bad.

"I walk my dogs every day, I'd like a clean area to walk them in," said Howard.

The city says they will involve the police or health department when dealing with illegal dumping that's an ongoing issue.

They say this is quite common throughout the city, and they're doing their best to reach every neighborhood.

Anyone wishing to schedule a pickup for larger items like a couch or mattress can visit or call 513-591-6000.