Test helps determine if children are pre-determined to get cavities

(FOX19) - Children typically eat a lot more candy, cookies, soft drinks, sports drinks and other sugary treats than do their parents.

So what why do some children develop cavities, while others consuming the same sugary foods and beverages do not?

Dr. Fred Peck, a Sycamore Township dentist, has recently begun using a new test called the CariScreen which helps pre-determine those who are at risk for developing cavities and those who are not.

"We are taking cavity prevention one step further by using a simple one minute chair-side bacterial test which helps us evaluate which patients are more susceptible to tooth decay. ... The American Dental Association has created specific codes which will help us identify patients who are low, moderate and high risk for dental decay," Peck said.

You can learn more about this test on Wednesday's The Xtra.

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