How common is snow in April?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - April snow in Cincinnati is not unknown but it is far from common.

Since official weather records began in November 1870, Cincinnati has seen 4,303 April days with snow.

Only 68 of those days have had measurable snow. Measurable snow is defined as 0.1 inch or more falling. That means there is only a 1.6 percent chance of getting measurable snow on an April day in the FOX19 viewing area.

When you combine days with measurable snow and days with just flurries, officially called "trace" days, there have been 117 days with snow. That means the chance of seeing snow in any amount on an April day is 4.3 percent.

If snow does develop Tuesday morning, it is a fairly rare event.

By the way -  the record snowfall for Tax Day, April 15 is zero. So if any amount falls greater than 0.1 it will be a new daily record.

Here are the top 5 snowiest April Days in Cincinnati.

  • 4.2"  4.8.1916
  • 3.3"  4.18.1853
  • 3.2"  4.6.1920
  • 3.0"  4.6.1977
  • 2.3"  4.1.1996

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