In Washington visit, Maupin told son killed with sniper rifle

Lisa Hutson travels to D.C. with Keith Maupin
Keith Maupin on Tuesday visited Washington. (From Lisa Hutson)
Keith Maupin on Tuesday visited Washington. (From Lisa Hutson)

WASHINGTON (FOX19) - Keith Maupin is finally learning more about his son's death 10 years after Tri-State soldier Matt Maupin was captured and killed in Iraq.

FOX19's Lisa Hutson was the only local reporter who traveled to Washington and received new information from government officials.

Tuesday was a long day for Keith Maupin inside a secure Pentagon conference room as a judge in Baghdad told him an Iraqi inmate confessed to killing his son with a sniper rifle. Through a translator, the judge said he has a 10-inch book dedicated to Matt Maupin's case.

Matt Maupin, an Army staff sergeant,  died while being held captive by insurgents who ambushed his convoy near the Baghdad International Airport. He's a 2001 Glen Este High School graduate.

Keith Maupin said an Iraqi inmate, Ubayd Afan Hammadi, will stand trial for Matt Maupin's homicide as well as the murder of Iraqi soldiers and civilians. Two other arrest warrants in Iraq have reportedly been issued for Matt's case.

Lukman Faily, Iraq's ambassador to the United States, said this is another sign that the Iraqi government continues to embrace democracy by fighting terrorism along with the U.S.

"It's important for families of the victims to feel the closure and it's important to feel that justice has prevailed … We stand by you as much as you guys have stood by us, thankfully," Faily told Lisa Hutson.

Maupin said he is happiest to know that the terrorist who killed his son is in jail.

"The other guys that was there, that doesn't make any difference to me. This guy is the one that pulled the trigger, just even for that to happen is nothing short of amazing," Maupin told Lisa Hutson.

If the man who killed Matt is convicted and sentenced, Maupin said he was told a $4000 compensation could be received. But he said he doesn't want a penny, he only wants justice for his son.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Terrace Park, met with Keith Maupin during his trip to Washington.

"I think this new information from Iraq helps as the family and Matt's many friends seek some closure to a very long journey. We hope that justice may finally be served. Matt's memory lives on through his family and his comrades," Portman said in a statement to FOX19.

"The Yellow Ribbon Support Foundation has become a great community organization to support our troops and that mission continues because of the lasting legacy that Matt left behind."

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