Search continues for Dulle, several other missing person cases ongoing

Search continues for Dulle, several other missing person cases ongoing

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The search for Brogan Dulle is bringing thousands of people together and creating a big following on social media.

There are fliers all over the Tri-State, and the outreach has been tremendous, but there's plenty of other missing people out there and some feel like their cases are being overlooked.

"Our family is just as important as every family out there," said Lori Ayers-Brown.

It's been ten days since Lori Brown last saw her cousin, Bob Boone.

"The whole family has been out there searching for him and it's just been a nightmare. The worst part is not knowing," said Brown.

Brown says it's been a challenge to get the resources to put together an adequate search, and especially frustrating for her because she says it seems police are paying more attention to other cases.

"They were going to send it to a CIS team and they would take over. Apparently it wasn't an important enough case, they kicked it back to district 5," said Brown.

Support has poured in for Brogan Dulle, from tweets and donations from city leaders to thousands of fliers spread throughout town. There are thousands of members on a "Help Find Brogan Dulle" Facebook page. Friday, Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine's office sent out their annual report on missing children. DeWine says social media certainly plays a role in some of these high profiled cases.

"It is a powerful tool today. So many people are using it. You can spread the word very, very quickly. You can get a picture out there very quickly and the sooner that information goes up the better chance we're going to have to find that individual," said DeWine.

DeWine stresses every case is important, but for some reason certain ones capture more of a community's attention.

"Someone who has no background of being missing, no other reason why that person would be gone other than foul play, it sets off a lot of alarms and I think that's why people focus on it," said DeWine.

Brown says they have a get together Saturday afternoon to spread the word about their loved one and they appreciate all the help they get.

"We pray for all the families who are missing loved ones but Bob is just as important as the rest of them are," said Brown.

A search party for Bob Boone is set for Saturday at noon at the Family Dollar store on Spring Grove Avenue. Volunteers are welcome.

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