Bibles, atheist books to be distributed near Boone County Schools

BOONE COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - When students at Boone County Schools leave for the summer, they have the option to take two books home with them, Bibles and "The Young Atheists Survival Guide" by Hermant Mehta.

The Boone County School System is not handing out either of these books, but instead granted permission to both Gideons International and the Tri-State Freethinkers to be in the public right of way near all of the high school campuses in Boone County.

"I suppose we should all also thank the Gideons folks for giving us the opportunity to cleanse people of whatever the Bible is supposed to teach them, though I would be much happier if they just stopped the public school distributions altogether," said Mehta.

Gideons International and the Tri-State Freethinkers were given permission to hand out their manuscripts as long as they aren't on school property.

"When secularists work to get anything Christian thrown out of public schools, they are not getting religion out. They are forcing Christianity out so they can replace it with their own religion - the religion of naturalism or atheism," said Ken Ham from the Creation Museum.

Volunteers from both Gideons International and the Tri-State Free Thinkers will distribute the books Tuesday afternoon.

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