Police: Man released vicious dog to scare others

Angel Galen in court. (FOX19)
Angel Galen in court. (FOX19)

PRICE HILL (FOX19) - A 24-year-old appeared on court on Monday for allowing his dog attack a resident in Price Hill.

Angel Galen was arguing with others on West Liberty Street Saturday when his dog attacked and bit someone on the hand. Responding officers had to shoot and kill the dog, police said.

Court documents describe the dog as "vicious" and say Galen released the dog in an effort to scare and alarm others. Police have not said what kind of breed the dog was.

Galen is charged with inducing panic and failure to confine a vicious dog.

This attack comes two days before Council member Kevin Flynn said having a dog for criminal purposes should have the same penalty as having a gun for criminal purposes. Flynn spoke at the Law and Public Safety Committee on Monday where members discussed possible new legislation to increase charges against owners of violent dogs.

It is been a heated topic in the Tri-State after a six-year-old girl was attacked by two pit bulls last week in Westwood. She is still in critical condition at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

The committee indicated on Monday that they wanted to hold owners of violent dogs responsible for attacks without toughening laws for all owners of specific breeds.

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