Crossroads Church donates $200k to combat heroin addiction

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OAKLEY, OH (FOX19) - Crossroads Church announced a $200,000 donation Monday that will be given to Greater Cincinnati area organizations working to combat heroin addiction across the region.

Thousands of members ate cheap meals of beans and rice for a week last April, church officials said. Participants tallied up their grocery and restaurant savings and collectively contributed a total of $497,975.77 to several organizations outside of Crossroads.

"We believe one of the biggest impacts we can make in the Tri-State right now is to join the battle against heroin addiction, which has been dubbed an epidemic and a public health crisis," Crossroads officials said in a statement.

Crossroads received proposals from several organizations working to help people fight addiction and get recovery. The church plans to donate to the following organizations:

Transitions, located in Bellevue, KY for the Healthy Newborns project, which aims to reduce the number of babies who have withdrawal complications due to their mothers' heroin use. The money will provide two months of residential beds in a detox facility for two mothers and their two newborns.

Teen Challenge of Kentucky, located in Manchester and Louisville, KY, for in-patient programs which provide men and women with a Christian faith-based solution to addiction. The money will fund nine months of in-patient recovery scholarships for 10 students.

Serenity Recovery Network, located in Price Hill, which provides housing and faith-based addiction recovery support. The money will go toward their on-boarding Shelter the Storm program, expansion of their family program and upgrades for their new women's recovery facility.

Prospect House, located in Price Hill, for their ReBuilding Families program, which aims to reunify families with recovering addicts. The money will go toward giving spouses and children the tools they need to rebuild their own lives alongside the individual who is in addiction recovery.

Greater Cincinnati Recovery Resource Collaborative, a start-up group of five spiritually-focused recovery nonprofits in our region representing over 300 beds, for those who need a safe haven and recovery support. The money will fund a part-time Executive Director who will oversee the Collaborative's collective goals and objectives, as well as administrative expenses.

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