Crews call off search for reported plane crash

No plane found in Whitewater Twp.

WHITEWATER TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has called off the search for a plane that reportedly crashed in Whitewater Township Saturday, calling the search 'unfounded'.

A witness called police Saturday evening and reported seeing a small aircraft dive toward the ground. The witness also said they saw smoke in the area.

Fire and rescue crews searched an area near Kilby Road on Saturday and Sunday morning but did not find any wreckage. They did find a fire but it ended up being a campfire.

The University of Cincinnati Hospital Air Care helicopter also conducted a search but did not find anything.

Officials told FOX19's Ben Katko that they think the witness saw a large model plane, not a passenger plane.

"We don't believe there was a real aircraft that went down," said Maj. Mike Horton with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. "We believe that there was a group of people over on Lawrenceburg flying toy airplanes.  Some of those were rather large.  I think from the viewing area, where our witness or our caller saw the plane, she probably saw what she saw.  But, it was a toy airplane."

Whitewater Township is in far western Hamilton County near Indiana. 

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