Mason City School teachers fight for more money, better benefits

Mason school teachers

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Parents and teachers in Warren County want more money and better benefits for the Mason City School District.

This morning we expect to see hundreds of Mason educators picketing in front of the district's administration building at 9:30 a.m.
The Mason teachers union voted last Thursday to allow its leaders to call for a strike if the progress of contract talks doesn't move forward.
The Mason Education Association, which represents 650 educators, has been negotiating a new employment contract since April.  Mason teachers say they're not only concerned about money and benefits but also concerned about cuts to academic programs and facilities.
The union also declared a "no confidence" position in superintendent Gail Kist-Kline.
The district meanwhile says it's hopeful that negotiations will continue during the summer months, and a contract settlement will be reached before the beginning of the school year.
According to school board members, Dr. Kist-Kline was hired following a levy failure, and asked to lead during a time of economic challenge that required the district to improve efficiency and make difficult decisions.

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