Trending today: 'Rapunzel' cuts hair for kids with cancer; 5-year-old in tears after learning baby brother will grow up

Published: Jul. 30, 2014 at 1:27 PM EDT
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Charlie Tillotson, 6, of England, is making headlines across the pond after deciding to cut her...
Charlie Tillotson, 6, of England, is making headlines across the pond after deciding to cut her beloved 'Rapunzel' locks for kids with cancer. (Source:

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Little 'Rapunzel' cuts her hair for kids with cancer

Charlie Tillotson, 6, of Sidmouth, England, had never gotten a haircut. At more than two and a half feet in length, Charlie was steadfast about protecting her golden locks.

"She has always wanted to grow it as long as Rapunzel," her father said.

However, after watching a television show about kids battling cancer, Daily Star reports Charlie was inspired to chop off her locks for Little Princess Trust -- an organization that donates real hair wigs to young cancer patients.

In addition to cutting her "Rapunzel-like" hair, she also decided to raise money for Children with Cancer UK, which is a national charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancers. Charlie and her father set up a fundraising page on the Just Giving website.

Her haircut took 2 feet off her total length of hair and will be made into a wig for a child with cancer, Metro reports.

Since chopping her long locks on July 14, her fundraiser has been successful. Charlie and her father originally set a goal of raising 600 British pounds (about $1,010) through their page. The fundraiser more than doubled their goal, bringing in more than 1300 pounds (about $2,200).

Charlie's hometown of Sidmouth is rewarding her by giving her a true princess treatment, Huffington Post writes. Charlie will get her own float at the Sidmouth carnival, as well as a ball gown and tiara.

Her father said he's shocked by the way his daughter's small act of selflessness has gone global.

To donate to Charlie's fund for The Little Princess Trust, visit

Women narrowly escape death on railroad bridge

Two women were nearly killed when they got caught on a railroad bridge in Bloomington, IN, and their brush with death was caught on camera.

From the train's security camera, it looked like the final moments for the two women.

The incident happened earlier this month on the 80-foot high Indiana Railroad Bridge northeast of Bloomington, IN at Lake Lemon just after sunrise.

Eric Powell, of Indiana Railroad, says the two women were trespassing on the bridge. There are no walkways on the bridge, because no one is supposed to be walking there.

The 100-car coal train was making every effort to stop. The two women had almost no good choices. A jump could have caused severe injuries, Powell said.

"[Then] One almost trips and falls off the bridge," Powell said. "The other one, miraculously, gets down."

The train's engine was across the bridge before it stopped. Incredibly, the women crawled out from underneath the engine and ran.

Read the full story here:

Sister to baby brother: 'I don't want him to grow up!'

Sadie is a 5-year-old girl that just found out her baby brother will not stay this little and cute forever.

"I don't want him to grow up," she cries in a YouTube video posted Monday. "Oh, you are so cute. I love your cute little smiles. OH MY GOSH! I want him to stay little."

The struggle.

On your phone? Watch here:

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