Passengers in Brent Spence crash: We're lucky to be alive

The scene of the accident (Photo: Kevin Kallmeyer)
The scene of the accident (Photo: Kevin Kallmeyer)

(FOX19) - Passengers who were in an SUV that fell from the upper deck to the lower deck of the Brent Spence Bridge say they are lucky to be alive after the crash.

"I've never been more scared in my life," said Jarrett Holifield.

Minutes before Saturday's accident, Jarrett Holifield was in the back seat of this car with his fiancé, April. She says they were driving southbound in the left lane when all of a sudden a car near the right lane slowed to a screeching halt and tried to merge into a semi.

"We was like oh that's dangerous that he stopped traffic like that while we were going past. Then he jumped out in front of the semi, and the semi hit him, swerved and hit us and I just remember closing my eyes and waking up on the next bridge," said April McDonald.

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Holifield says their car tumbled several feet into oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes. He suffered scratches and a back injury, but he knows it could have been much worse.
"I was scared that we were going to get squished. I was afraid the semi-truck wasn't going to stop coming," said Holifield.
April McDonald suffered a fractured pelvis, and has stitches in her knee.

"It hit my whole right side and that's all I remember," said McDonald.

The crash involved seven vehicles and shut down the bridge for hours. Many say the age and safety of the Brent Spence Bridge continues to be a concern.
"It's not safe at all because the roads are narrow," said McDonald.
"I don't think that it's safe at all now but I hope that this accident could make people start taking initiative and make sure this can never happen to anyone else because we were lucky to walk away from it," Holifield.
McDonald and Holifield are getting married in February, and they say when their lives flashed before them on Saturday, they kept thinking about two month old Junior.
"I was just glad he wasn't in the car with us and the main concern was making it back here to make sure he eats," said Holifield.

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