Hamilton dog owner charged for attack

The dog attacked the woman in the 700 block of 2nd Street.
The dog attacked the woman in the 700 block of 2nd Street.

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Charges have been filed against a man whose dog attacked a woman last week on the streets of Hamilton.

The woman was walking on 700 block of 2nd Street Thursday when Aaron Sapp's pit bull attacked and bit her, according to Butler County Dog Warden Kurt Merbs. The victim had already been transported to the hospital when first responders arrived and has since been released.

It reportedly took authorities two days to locate Sapp and charge him with failing to license his dog and failing to confine, both misdemeanor offenses.

Merbs says the charges resulted in Sapp being labeled a "dangerous dog owner," meaning he must post "Beware of Dog" signs on each corner of his home, neuter and microchip the animal.

Sapp has 30 days to fulfill the requirements or he will be cited again, Merbs says.

This is not the first time Sapp's dog has attacked. Merbs says he responded to an incident two years ago where Sapp's pit bull attacked a woman as she walked her dog on Grand Boulevard in Hamilton. He was reportedly charged for that incident as well.

Thursday's incident came three days after a woman was mauled to death by a her family's pit bull in Madison Township. Sheriff Richard Jones said there have been no charges filed in that case.

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