'Bottle bombs' found in Goshen mailboxes


GOSHEN, OH (FOX19) - Watch out when getting your mail in Goshen, Ohio.

Police are investigating a series of explosive "bottle bombs" popping up in neighbors mailboxes throughout town and authorities say they appear to be homemade bombs.

"It's not a prank when it comes to people's lives," said Keighley Kain.

There's been at least two reports from neighbors along Woodville Pike in Goshen where police are investigating contraptions found in mailboxes over the last two days. One home had a single exploded bottle in the mailbox, while another neighbor had two.

"I've heard of people doing it just for fun out in the field maybe when I was younger in school and stuff but the fact that it's in a mailbox in a closed in space, that's just a bomb in itself," said Goshen resident Josh Lewis.

Even some of the mailboxes are damaged because of the explosions. Josh Lewis says even the workers with the postal service have to be careful.

"They're delivering your mail trying to do their job and they could be injured just as well as we can so it's bad for both parties," Lewis.

Police say often times these acts are random, and many worry about the presence of kids.

"He goes out and checks the mail, he loves checking the mail," said Brittany McQueen.

Police say those responsible for these pranks could face second degree misdemeanor charges for criminal damaging and recklessly endangering with fire.

"It's sad that young kids or immature adults are going out here doing this stuff is funny, it's terrible," said Lewis.

"I'm not going to want to check my mail. I going to be waiting for the mailman to get there to hand it to my hand personally," said Kain.

This isn't the first time these mailbox bombs have been around the Tri-State. Last year police investigated reports of these in Liberty and Union townships. No injuries were reported in those incidents either.

If you have any information that can help track down those responsible for this, contact the Goshen Police Department.

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