Casino Buys Ghost

Online casino buys ghost cane on eBay

What do the Virgin Mary and grandpa's ghost have in common? An online casino with a claim on both. The same online casino that bought a grilled cheese sandwich believed to bear the image of the Virgin Mary is paying 65-thousand dollars for a metal cane that an Indiana boy believes is haunted. GoldenPalace-dot-com bought both items on eBay. It paid 28-thousand dollars for the sandwich. Mary Anderson of Hobart, Indiana, put her late father's cane up for sale after her six-year-old son told her he was afraid of his grandfather's ghost. She hopes the boy believes the ghost will leave along with the cane. Casino spokesman Monty Kerr says the cane and the sandwich both are Internet Americana. The casino will write a letter to the Andersons, telling them how happy grandpa is in his new digs. The cane -- and the story behind it -- attracted 132 bids, dozens of imitators and landed the Andersons on NBC's "Today" show.