Ohio woman lies about Ebola to get faster treatment for sister

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - Paramedics in full hazmat gear responded to a Columbus residence on Thursday for a woman reporting Ebola-like symptoms, but it was eventually determined the call was a hoax.

“I'm scared, I think my sister has Ebola. Her fever is 107,” the caller can be heard saying in the 911 audio. The woman repeatedly answered yes when the emergency dispatcher asked multiple times if her sister had recently traveled to Africa.


Was the person over in Africa recently in the last 21 days?


Yes, she was.


How long ago was she over in Africa?


Uh, last month.

Paramedics in hazmat suits surrounded the home and transported the woman to an isolation unit at OSU Wexner Medical Center, according to


Health officials determined the woman had falsely reported her sister's symptoms and travel to Africa shortly after they arrived at the hospital. It has not been determined why the woman mislead emergency responders.

[Mobile users can listen to the 911 call here: http://bit.ly/1tAIRhO]

"I'm also really concerned that this is not a good use of resources. We do not want this to continue," Columbus Health Commissioner Teresa Long told 10TV.

Columbus Police are reportedly considering charges against the caller.

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