New DunnhumbyUSA headquarters set to open in March

Behind the scenes of Dunnhumby's new building

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - One thousand additional parking spaces right in the heart of downtown. The DunnhumbyUSA Centre garage is now officially open months before the company's new facility is due to open at the corner of 5th and Race.

It's a process that's three-and-a-half years in the making. Dave Palm says once the new building is finished, it'll be the largest office floor plan in Cincinnati at 70,000 square feet per floor.

"We are really psyched to be in the heart of downtown," said Dave Palm, DunnhumbyUSA Senior Vice President of Operations.

Right now, the market research company is located at Third Street and Central Avenue.

"Today we're really on one edge of downtown. We don't have access to the great restaurants or the retail that's around us," said Palm.

But Palm says this facility isn't just for their employees. He says 3CDC will be in charge of leasing various tenants, most of them restaurants.

"Going forward it just brings this whole new life and people into the heart of downtown," said Palm.

The nine-story building is divided up into what's referred to as neighborhoods and Palm says they did light and motion studies based on

time of day and time of year to maximize the amount of natural light in the building.

"If you're in the fifth floor, it doesn't look like you're in the basement of the building, but you're actually getting natural light,"

said Palm.

This is just the latest addition to a growing downtown. This summer GE announced it's moving its new global operations to the Banks, and

phase two of the Banks is underway. Palm says added choices for transportation and more hotel options also help make downtown more attractive.

"Talking about projects like adding housing onto the top of the Macy's building. It's just an entire revitalization going on. We're excited

to be at the early stage of it, but it's only going to get bigger from here," said Palm.

The new building is set to open in March.

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