Why B.B. King named his guitar "Lucille"

Why B.B. King named his guitar "Lucille"

FOX19 - The late B.B. King's signature guitars were black Gibsons that the bluesman dubbed "Lucille."

Legend has it that the guitar's name was inspired by a 1949 brawl and fire inside an Arkansas bar. As King played, two men began fighting over a woman named "Lucille." The fight escalated and a burning barrel was knocked over, setting the bar ablaze.

After escaping the burning building, King again ran back inside upon realizing he left his $30 Gibson behind. King walked away unscathed, but the two men who started the fight both perished in the fire.

"I named my guitar Lucille to remind me to never to a thing like that again," said King in an interview several years back.

You can see Lucille for yourself this weekend at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

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