Rob Williams: Cincinnati gets dressed up for MLB's All-Star Game

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - I was walking around downtown Cincinnati this weekend and was impressed with how the city is getting ready to welcome visitors. Especially with mustache statues on display throughout the city.

Many (including our very own Frank Marzullo) are asking why the handlebar mustache? It is a nod to America's first professional baseball team and styles of 1869.

There are 10 of these large handlebar mustaches throughout the city. Another 10 staches will be unveiled on June 22. They will be on display leading up the 86th All-Star game on July 14.

You can watch that game on FOX19 NOW, by the way. We have all kinds of specials planned to mark the occasion. I think the city is getting excited.

I'm sure you've seen the Scripps Center downtown wearing a ball cap and mustache. 21c Museum Hotel is also dressed up to mark the occasion.

The All-Star Game will be a good time for Cincinnati to brag a little bit. Not only to out-of-town visitors but to people who haven't been downtown in a while.

Cincinnati, you've come a long way. As my boss always says: Onward and upward.

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