DuBose death prompts UC police reform

UC officer involved shooting follow up (VIDEO)
Published: Jul. 19, 2015 at 10:47 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 29, 2015 at 8:12 PM EDT
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A memorial was erected at the scene of the shooting. (FOX19 NOW/Megan O'Rourke)
A memorial was erected at the scene of the shooting. (FOX19 NOW/Megan O'Rourke)

MT. AUBURN, OH (FOX19) - The University of Cincinnati may join the city's collaborative policing agreement in the wake of a campus police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man.

UC President Santo Ono privately met with Mayor John Cranley Wednesday morning to discuss how they can work together to move the city and university forward. A few hours later, two men held an afternoon press conference to announce campus police could join the collaborative, which was formed after the city's 2001 riots and is nationally hailed as a model of community policing.

"We will be reviewing comprehensibly policy and procedures to make sure we are applying best practices in everything that we do," Ono told reporters.

Change, the mayor said, is needed.

"We have learned over a long period of time - having made our own mistakes - a pullover related to a license plate should not - in the normal course of events - lead to lethal force," he said. "Therefore, reform is in order."

Cranley said he isn't sure if UC Officer Ray Tensing was justified to shoot DuBose, 43, minutes after pulling the man over for driving a vehicle without a front license plate.

"Whether or not there is any criminal wrongdoing we do know as a general matter we do not want license plate pullovers to lead to a loss of life," he said.

Cranley and Ono plan to privately meet Thursday with DuBose's family.

Ono also said he is forming a new community advisory group. The first session will be Monday.

Cranley and Ono said told reporters Wednesday they have not watched video footage from Tensing's body camera.

Cranley said Hamilton County Prosecutor Deters has told him his office is moving quickly in his investigation, but viewing the video too early would be an obstruction of justice.

Deters has refused to release the video.

DuBose's family is upset and demanding its immediate release.

They said DuBose, who has 13 children, just got engaged to be married last week. They acknowledged he has a criminal history, but insist he is not violent.

DuBose has a lengthy criminal record in Hamilton County and been arrested dozens of times, mostly for misdemeanor drug crimes and traffic offenses, court records show.

He also served time in a state prison on a 2005 marijuana trafficking charge.

In other developments Wednesday, Cincinnati police announced they have completed the investigation in Sunday's deadly traffic stop and turned it over to to Deters' office.

The longtime county prosecutor will examine the case to determine if any criminal charges are warranted. Deters already has said his office is "rapidly investigating" and expects to have the case reviewed by the end of next week.

It still remains unclear, at least publicly, why Tensing shot and killed Dubose near Rice and Valencia streets about a mile away from UC's campus.

DuBose was unable to produce a driver's license and had a bottle of alcohol in the car, police have said. He was unarmed.

A struggle ensued after Tensing asked DuBose to exit the vehicle.

Tensing fired a single shot and DuBose  - who was hit in the head - was able to restart the car and begin to drive away.

Tensing was knocked to the ground and treated for minor injuries.

He remains on paid administrative leave. He has been with UC police since April of 2014.

His personnel record indicates he shows up to work on time and displays a willingness to work.

His 2014 job review praised him for being "extremely active with traffic, but his reviewer added "I would like him to interact with the community in a more service-oriented manner."

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