Caught on camera: Police search for teens in church festival beating attack

WATCH: Fight caught on camera

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Norwood police are looking for a group of teenage suspects in a church festival beating attack caught on camera.

The fight happened near Holy Trinity Festival at Drex and Moeller avenues over the weekend.

Kim Watkins posted the attack online hoping to get the attention of police and the community.

She said the same group of kids threatened her son, who said he witnessed the attack and brought the video home to show his mother.

"I was very sick to my stomach. It made me very sick. It upset me," she said. "It made me angry. I'm sick of the violence that's going around in this neighborhood."

Police said they've talked to the family. No formal complaint has been issued yet, but officials say they won't tolerate this behavior.

"What I like to see happen is these kids, I don't want to say get made an example out of because we will charge them appropriately but I want other kids in the city of Norwood our neighborhood to see that this won't be tolerated," said Norwood Police Lt. Ronald Murphy. "You won't be an Internet star, you might be juvenile detention center star, but you won't be an Internet star."

Police said they've identified almost everyone involved. The teens could face misdemeanor assault charges at the very least.

FOX 19 NOW reached out to the family of the victim, but they said they were too upset to speak.

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