Teen reacts to violent church festival beating attack

Teen reacts to violent weekend attack (VIDEO)

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - A teenager, beaten in broad daylight reacted Tuesday to what he calls a terrifying incident, and it's one that was all caught on camera.

Jordan Sanders, 13, says he was attacked by a group of boys Sunday, while he was leaving the festival at Holy Trinity.

Sanders' grandmother, Mary Baker, wants justice for her grandson. She says that will only happen once the responsible parties are arrested and charged with assault. But even more so, she wants this incident to bring awareness to the issue of bullying.

Baker's pain stemming from the incident involving her grandson was evident when we spoke with her at her Norwood home Tuesday afternoon.

"What made them do that?" Baker asked. "They could've killed my grandson."

Sanders says he doesn't know why the group of boys attacked him in the parking lot Sunday.

"I went down the hill and then they all just started circling me and I didn't know what was going on," Sanders said.

He says he had no plans of attacking them back.

"I do not want to fight back because of my football team because I would get kicked off and I didn't want to fight back because I had no reason to fight back," said Sanders.

"You've heard of one-on-one bullying but this is group bullying," Mary Bakers told us. "It is devastating. I mean it's my own child, my own my own grandson that I raised."

Her grandson, who she says, was hurt by the hands of strangers.

"He could have really gotten hurt, mentally yeah he's very hurt," Baker said.

This senseless act is one that she wants the law to answer.

"Someone needs to punish these kids because what are they going to be like as an adult?," Baker said.

Baker is going a step further than punishment, she also wants to prevent bullying in general.

"Rehabilitate them so that they could teach other people," Baker said. "We need to figure out what we can do from stopping that happening again."

She hopes to one day show the video to students in middle school and high school as a way to teach them of the dangers of bullying.

"It's all about helping other kids whether they are on Jordan's side or the bad side of it, the bullies themselves," Baker said.

Her teenage grandson agrees.

"That could help other kids from getting bullied or anybody else getting hurt," Sanders said.

With school starting shortly, we asked Sanders how he feels going back and possibly facing the same kids again.

"I'm just going to drop it and let it go and let the cops handle it," Sanders said.

Norwood police say they are still trying to identify one more individual in this case and when they do, they expect charges to be filed.

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