Transgender student has full support from Troy City Schools

Transgender student has full support from Troy City Schools

Troy, OH (FOX19) - A group of parents have expressed dissatisfaction with Troy City Schools after learning that a transgender student who was born a female and now identifies as male has been using the restroom that matches his declared gender identity.

"The student is a transgender boy who has consistently and uniformly presented as a boy at school and in all other aspects of his life for several years," stated documentation provided to the district by family members.

According to peers, the student has always been known, treated and accepted as a male by his family, teachers and classmates.

A complaint alleged that the district denied the student educational opportunities on the basis of sex because the student is transgender by prohibiting him from accessing sex-specific facilities designated or male students.

Reports show the district agreed to implement an agreement which includes individual and district-wide measures that treat the student the same as other male students in all respects.

Equality Ohio and Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) said they supports Troy City Schools' legal analysis and decision to abide by legal and administrative precedent and not discriminate in a basic accommodation like restrooms.

"I think the district is doing the right thing," managing director of Equality Ohio Alana Jochum said. "The Department of Justice and the Department of Education have been pretty clear about what constitutes discrimination based on sex. Denying a transgender student the use of the restroom that matches their declared gender identity would be discrimination."

"GLSEN works hard for school environments where all students – not just some, but all students – can bring their whole selves to class and be ready to learn. That some grownups are behaving this way about something as simple and universal about using the restroom is very disappointing and a distraction from what school is about. It's about learning," said chair of GLSEN Greater Dayton Kevin Mabrey.

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