Bengals player surprises family with random act of kindness

Published: Nov. 24, 2015 at 8:20 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 25, 2015 at 12:15 PM EST
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Wallace Gillberry (FOX19 NOW File)
Wallace Gillberry (FOX19 NOW File)
Angelica Yeager (FOX19 NOW)
Angelica Yeager (FOX19 NOW)

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - A Cincinnati Bengal turned an average trip to Target into a holiday surprise for a northern Kentucky family Monday night.

With their five children in tow, Angelica Yeager and her husband were walking the store aisles when they encountered Wallace Gilberry, a defensive end for the Bengals.

Gilberry stopped Yeager's husband and said "I want to bless you and your family tonight," Yeager described. He then bought the family a Playstation 4 and a handful of games. A passerby snapped a photo of the encounter and said Yeager was in tears.

More from the Instagram poster:

I saw Wallace walking in the store with these kids and dad chasing after him. When I walked by a few mins later, I heard the dad and kids going crazy. Later when he walked by I told him that was a bad ass move. He said thanks, "everyone needs to be blessed."

Yeager said a gaming system was on her kids' holiday wish list. Thanks to Wallace's random act of kindness, the kids now have another item to ask for.

"We're definitely ordering his jersey now. He's got life-long fans," said Yeager.

After the surprise, Yeager said the family plans to pay-it-forward this holiday season.

"Regardless of if he's a Bengals player or not, the act he did, he's a great human for that."

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