How to Sell your Home Before The New Year: 7 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

How to Sell your Home Before The New Year: 7 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

By: Moneytips

Are the holidays not hectic enough for you? Put aside your gift list for a moment; how about adding a home sale to your to-do list?

Most people avoid selling their homes during the holidays, but you may not have any choice in the matter. If you need to sell your home around the end of the year, here are seven tips to help your sale go smoothly.

1. Minimize Holiday Decorations – Not everyone has the same love of holiday decorations, and poorly maintained, tacky, or overly religious displays can be a turnoff for potential buyers. Keep the seasonal decorations simple and easy to maintain.

That applies to the outside as well as the inside of your home – avoid browning out the neighborhood with your awesome light display.

2. Keep It Clean – Keeping the home free of tracked-in mud, snow, and other debris is even tougher in the winter months, and arguably even more important. Vacuum well and vacuum often.

Don't neglect the outside. Bare trees may show areas of your home that are usually hidden; make sure these areas are clean and presentable. Deal with any cosmetic maintenance issues such as leaf-filled gutters. Keep your yard raked free of leaves to the extent possible and keep your driveway, sidewalk, and front steps free of snow.

3. Price it Right – Buyers at this time of year are typically motivated and not interested in dickering. You, as a seller, are probably similarly motivated. Now is not the time to be ambitious with your pricing.

Do your homework on pricing through Trulia, Zillow, or similar sites, and consult with your real estate agent about the proper price for your home – then take their advice, even if you don't like it.

4. Be Accessible –

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