Hotel Shooting

Boy saw cousin slain in shooting as he sat next to him at church service

A Wisconsin boy says he's haunted by the sight of his 15-year old cousin gunned down at a hotel church service.

Robert Geiger says the sight of Bart Oliver the moment after he was shot was "the worst thing" he'll ever witness. Geiger says he watched longtime family friend Terry Ratzmann walk in and open fire on their weekly Saturday service in Brookfield for the Living Church of God. Geiger says he dropped to the floor when he saw Ratzmann aim at him. The bullet missed the boy, but when the mayhem was over, seven people were dead, four injured, and Ratzmann had turned the gun on himself.

Geiger and his father were among more than 100 church members and victims' relatives who gathered last night at an American Red Cross office to console each other.