Official: Owner adopts new dog to replace condemned attack dog

Dog up for adoption (VIDEO)
The decoy dog, Baby. (FOX19 NOW/Frankie Jupiter)
The decoy dog, Baby. (FOX19 NOW/Frankie Jupiter)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A dog was ordered to be put down after an attack in October, but instead, court officials say the owner tried to fool the SPCA with a lookalike dog.

Police said Jason Dotson's dog was not on a leash when it went after a therapy dog and its owner as they walked on Shadybrook Drive.

The owner "attempted to get the pit bull off of Buddy and was also bitten on the hand. The pit bull kept attacking Buddy and caused severe injuries," according to a Springfield Township police report.

Police charged Dotson with failing to confine his animal and ordered he put down the pit bull. He was also placed on one year of probation.

Dotson adopted a new, similar dog from the SPCA nine days after the attack, according to court officials.

He then returned to the SPCA to fulfill the court's euthanization order and brought the lookalike dog named Baby. Officials say he tried to pass the new dog off as the pit bull that attacked the therapy dog.

"You just think how cruel it is. Why would you that to an innocent healthy dog," said Lt. Brandon Corcoran.

An SPCA worker spotted the red flag and took action before it was too late. The microchip was scanned and revealed the dog's true identity.

"It's very important. If a collar comes off or something like that. The chip is never going to come out. It even sometime in dog theft. You can prove that that's your dog," said Corcoran.

Dotson was arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his probation. He was sentenced to 28 days in jail Tuesday.

The Oct. 14 incident was Dotson's second citation for failing to confine his animal, documents state.

Baby, the puppy pit bull mix, will be getting a second chance at adoption Wednesday at noon.

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