Mayor Cranley, Chief Isaac attend public forum on crime solutions

Efforts to curb violence (VIDEO)
There was standing room only at this public input session inside of the Evanston Recreation Center on Monday. Community members addressed issues of gun violence, drug dealing, unemployment, and lack of development.
It's the first of five in a series of open forums.

"At the end of this process I'm going to be presenting some new ideas," said Mayor Cranley. "The chief is going to be coming out with his anticrime strategy in a couple of weeks. We're going to be trying to give him all the resources he needs to make a difference."

It’s a difference people in the community have been wanting.  It's something some say takes more than the effort of police and city administration.
"The real issue is us, as parents where we have failed," said a community member "That's the real issue. You’ll don't want to talk about that but until we do it's not going to change."

In the effort of change, city leaders say it's important to hear the concerns of the community moving forward. Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Isaac touched on a plan to help put a stop to violence.

"We're are going to continue to focus on offenders," said Isaac. "We're are going to be unveiling some different things about difference places around the city, we want to focus on and I think you guys will be really interested to hear that as we unveil that."

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