Avondale elementary students learn to Waltz

Avondale elementary students learn to Waltz

The streets of Avondale are anything but nice. Headlines from this neighborhood are usually about crimes. A recent crime report showed that Avondale ranked number one for the most fatal and non-fatal shootings. The sound music and not gunfire has captured Avondale student's attention.

"Well first I was nervous because I didn't think I would know the steps," said dancer Shatyia Bell.

South Avondale Elementary school girls in knee length dresses and pearls and boys in dress shoes, shirt and ties danced to Nat King Coles' Fascination. It's all a part of a program called "Let's dance Academy."

"Since I kept on going along and learning the routine to the dance, it wasn't want so difficult," said dancer Jasmyn Bush.

Wednesday was the graduation of this 10-week program. Family member who came to watch and support say this a far cry from the streets.

"I felt proud because she was practicing so hard," Asya Bradford.

Bradford came to see her little sister Shadae perform.

"Keep her out the streets and keep her doing more stuff," said Bradford

Shadae Jones won a gold medal for her skills on the dance floor.

"I felt proud because it's my first time, second time getting a prize medal and it felt like I was a great student, said Jones.

Students aren't the only people who are proud, parents couldn't be happier. Just ask the parents of Jasmyn Bush.

"I'm very excited, this was a surprise to me she didn't come home and show us what she had been working on," said Jaimee McClure.

"At the end of the day it just makes my heart feel so mushy, said Edgar Bush.

Organizers say they wanted to teach the students something different.

"We wanted to teach the children something new, not really new in terms of the dance style but new to them. Something that's classic, something that's really good culture," said organizer Kathye Lewis.

11-year-old Jasmyn has some advice for kids who want to dance.

"If you want to get into the dance; if you want to get into the academy, all you have to do is just know that you can do it. Follow directions and if you want to do it, just do it," said Bush.