Chris Mack to reporter: We're not 'eggs'-avier

Chris Mack to reporter: We're not 'eggs'-avier

FOX19 - Ah yes, the constant struggle for Musketeer fans having to correct out-of-towners on Xavier's pronunciation.

Chris Mack is getting the word out before his team's second round match up in the NCAA Tournament against Wisconsin.

A reporter used the dreaded "eggs"-avier when pronouncing the team's name before asking Mack a question during Saturday's press conference. Mack immediately stepped in.

Below is the exchange:

"Coach, 'eggs'-avier fans were out here," the reporter began his question. 

"I'm sorry," Mack said cutting the reporter off. 

"'Eggs'-avier fans were...." 

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Xavier."


"Xavier, yeah. Just like xylophone." 

"Just like xylophone, Xavier."

"Yes. Got to get the word out," Mack said. 

You can watch the conversation below. It begins around the 7:35 mark.

Mack answered the question amicably after correcting the reporter. XU fans can now revel in the fact that "eggs"-avier also gets under the head coach's skin.

No. 2 seed Xavier takes on No. 7 Wisconsin Sunday night around 8:40 p.m.

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