Pike Co. gun shop seeing customers buying guns in wake of killings

Pike Co. gun shop seeing customers buying guns in wake of killings

PIKE COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - As the search for a killer in connection to eight murders in Pike County enters its seventh day, some residents around the area are looking for new ways to protect themselves.

On Thursday, deputies were still on scene at Union Hill Road where several of the bodies were found last week. They continue to keep a blockade up on the road.

"People are in awe, and stunned, that such a thing as this has happened," says Rick Ford who owns a local gun and bait shop. Ford has owned Bill's Bait House since 1975 nearly Waverly.

But, until last Friday when eight bodies were found shot to death it was something no one around the area had ever seen before.

"Nobody likes the circumstances, of course. Everyone's horrified," Ford said.

In the days since the bodies were discovered, Ford's shop has seen some new customers. He's had a few people come in specifically because of the killings and walk out with a new gun.

In the days since the bodies were found... he's seen some new customers.

"It's kind of like buying insurance. It's something that hopefully you'll never have to use," Ford told FOX19 NOW. So far, Ford said he's had two couples come in for handguns in the wake of the incident saying they wanted to buy a gun because of what happened. He's also had a few people coming in looking for ammunition since the killings.

While there hasn't been a line out the door, it appears some of the community is listening to what police are saying.

"I cautioned them that they were a target, and I told them to be armed," said Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader over the weekend. "If you are fearful, arm yourself. If you feel that you need to protect yourself or family, do so."

The target Reader is referring to is the Rhoden family, who they believe were targeted in the killings. Right now no one has been arrested or charged with the crimes.

"They just want to protect themselves if the case should arise," Ford said.

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