Killer in Closet

Published: Apr. 19, 2005 at 2:16 PM EDT
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Judge warns wife she could be implicated in husband's death

A Tennessee woman could face criminal charges in the death of her husband, who was allegedly killed by a boyfriend -- who was found snoring in a bedroom closet.

During a hearing in Nashville, the judge stopped testimony by Martha Freeman, the victim's wife, saying her statements could implicate her in the murder. Freeman testified she saw her boyfriend, Rafael Rocha-Perez, pull her husband by his collar into a bathroom and heard "a lot of thumping and a lot of noise." But she said she didn't call police for about 18 hours because she was terrified.

Freeman was later appointed a lawyer and after that refused to answer any more questions. Police allege Rocha-Perez killed Jeffrey Freeman after the husband discovered him living in a guest bedroom closet in the Freeman's home.

The judge sent murder charges against the suspect to a grand jury. Rafael DeJesus Rocha -Perez was held today, as police continue to investigate the victim's wife.