Father accused of killing infant daughter has violent history

Charles Crawford's History (VIDEO)
Kaylynn Crawford (Provided by Loveland police)
Kaylynn Crawford (Provided by Loveland police)

LOVELAND, OH (FOX19) - A father charged with aggravated murder after authorities found his 4-month-old daughter dead Monday was ordered to attend anger management classes earlier this year following a domestic violence arrest involving the baby's mother, court records show.

According to a Hamilton County affidavit, an abusive car ride the day after Christmas led to Charles Crawford, 25, being charged with domestic violence.

He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in January and was ordered to undergo anger management classes, court records show. If he successfully completed them, the order against him would be lifted, but he failed to.

He was ordered to go again and was on probation at the time of his arrest Monday.

According to court records, a woman named Shaneeka Robinson and who signed as Shaneeka Crawford was the complainant/witness in the Dec. 26 incident in North College Hill.

Documents describe the day after Christmas last year after Crawford showed up to an address in the 3900 block of Cass Avenue.

She said Crawford told her there was an emergency, and asked if her mother could look after another child.

Once they were in the car, she said she asked Crawford to explain the emergency, but he didn't.

That's when she claims the car ride became abusive.

According to the affidavit, Robinson said, "he then got on the 75 s ramp and said "expletive I came to put expletive knife to your neck."

The document also states: "he found messages from me and my friend's conversation over the past week."

She said she feared for her life because he repeatedly hit her.

Crawford wanted to take her to Kentucky where no one could find her and she couldn't get a phone, the affidavit states.

She said she jumped out the car when it slowed down.

Crawford threatened to leave her there if she didn't get back in the vehicle, records show.

She got back in the car. She said he continued to threaten her life and the lives of her family.

She said in the document, "I gave him the baby because I feared what he'll do if he didn't get her."

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